It is vital that you can be certain that your savings and investments are working for you in the most efficient way.

We offer a careful, considered approach to wealth management to provide peace of mind throughout the life of the investments. Furthermore we will provide 24/7 access to your portfolio, through the use of platform technology, where possible, in order that you may view the performance and value of your investments at any time.

We view your wealth preservation and enhancement as a long term relationship and will ensure that your investments are in the correct wrappers in order that you are utilising your personal tax allowances, whilst at the same time allowing you the accessibility that you require. This may be through Individual Savings Accounts, General Investment Accounts, or Offshore Bonds for example.

We will ensure that the underlying assets of any investment are relevant to your personal ‘attitude to risk,’ not just at the outset of your investment, but on an ongoing basis through regular review meetings in order that we can fully understand your goals.

The ongoing review process carried out by Kay Capital Management will provide you with certainty that your investments remain relevant to your specific needs through every life stage.

Capital at risk, investments can go down as well as up.